Practice Overview


Legal Services and Technologies





Small Firm Practice Face to Face

A small firm can concentrate on their clients' legal matters and respond quickly to ongoing or changing situations. By taking advantage of docketing, communications, and document processing software it is possible to eliminate much of the extensive infrastructure present at large law firms.

Personalized Service

Services may be tailored to fit a client's specific needs. We have found that these needs differ depending on the client's familiarity with a particular technology or legal issue. Reports and opinions may be prepared accordingly so that time and expense is not wasted covering ground that is familiar to the client.

Many clients already have extensive technical or legal resources. These resources may be utilized to reduce the time and expense involved in preparing patent and trademark applications. Depending on a client's needs, work may also be performed on-site to facilitate review of data files or to increase intellectual property awareness in scientists or engineers. In fact, we find it preferable to meet our clients at their place of business.  Not only is this more convenient for our clients, but is often more productive since this is usually where essential data and records are located.

Alternatively, electronic communications allow us to work effectively with clients in any state and even internationally.  

Billing arrangements may also be tailored to clients' needs. Our billing arrangements include hourly rates, fixed rates, monthly or phase billings, and other types of billing as appropriate.

Prospective Clients

Prospective clients include university technology transfer offices, individuals, seed and start-up companies, in-house counsel, life science companies, pharmaceutical companies, surgeons, and physicians.